Yes I know NetMail is no longer a Novell product but I have not found any help from the MA site (Hey Messaging Arch. take a look at the Novell KB and forums to see how to do it right!).

My client has NetMail 3.x running on a OES1-Linux server. He wants to migrate it to an OES2-Linux server.

I have found some vague references on how to cut this over, but not enough to really get my teeth into it. I would not consider myself as either a NetMail expert, nor a Linux guru as only touch NM once every 2 years or so, and am trying to get into SLES. On the latter I know enough to be dangerous and I know that, so I ask questions.

Anyone had to do this and any tips/procedures on it?

Copy the data, easy enough. but how to swap the servers for actual mail usage?