i get a

Mixed Novell e-directory / AD-environment.
we install a Zenworks server to test zenworks.

then we found out, we need zenworks and DHCP on the same Server to make Zenworks Imaging.

In the Line with some big network changes, a novell expert moved our DHCP-Server from a Linux to the Zenworks-Server (Server2003).
He got some problems (dont know what...)

and now our Zenworks / DHCP is a Standalone Server, cause of any causes he didnt was able to drive him back to the domain....
(i would, but im new and not accredited for those... they scared, productive machine dhcp and so on...)

at the end, we got a new DHCP and Imaging doesnt work.
and we could start Zenworks.
and there wasnt a dns entry for the zenworks server... (ggrrrr)

so i wrote a new dns-entry.
changed the destination of the web-interface.
(form http://zen.domain.com/zenworks to http://zen/zenworks)
now ist works with certificate error, dont trusted... it was given to another named host... (hmpf.. yes i know, but what should i do, the dont wanted an reinstall of zenworks...)

i configured the DHCP and Zenworks... and we got Imaging... puhhh

so now... when i wanted to allocate MSI bundles...(acrobat. with .cac .ini files)
with url
i got an error"installation packet cant be opened,
doest it exist or can u access??"

with uploading...
if i took just the .msi he said something like.. no data.cab

if i uploaded the msi and the extra files, as transform files... ( in the past it worked out...) he got a problem to acces the transform files... hmpf...

ok i reat, with zenworks admin studio u could build .msi packets.

and so i download zenworks 10.1 plus the fitted admin studio...

install the upgrade (dns...error ahhhhh!!! dns suffix changed to domain.com and again)
try to install admin studio... error something cause domain rights...ggggrrr

so i wanted to know.
is my problem resolvable????

i thing, just the server back to the domain and ups certificates are valid and file acces is no problem...
or are there other possible ressolutions..???

could anybody help me??? thanks... =-)