In older versions of Zenworks you could place an application in a Application Folder, there you had build up a structur.

If you would like to do the same thing with ZCM 10.1 - Whats the best practice to perfom this ?

I would like for an example:

START MENU - My Programs - Novell
START MENU - My Programs - Microsoft
START MENU - My Programs - Adobe
START MENU - My Programs - Internet

and so on....

the way I have found is to alter a path in the Bundle ZENworks Explorer Folder Path.... but I can´t reuse the PATHs that i have on other
BUNDLES, need to go to a BUNDLE and copy the path, and then Insert it, ( To be SURE its 100% the same PATH )

Is this the way of creating Folder Structure under the START MENU ?

// Patrik