Argh...this used to work on 35, and now I can't figure out what's wrong...

Workstations launch clntrust from server on login.

Setup per NWADMIN is this:
--IP Gateway Down, Proxy Cache UP, VPN Down
--BorderManager Access Rules:
1 - Deny (Source=Students) (Access=URL) (Destination=Specified list) (Time=No) (Log=Yes) - This prevents students from going to a few sites that we block.
2 - Allow (Source=Any) (Access=URL) (Destination=Any URL) (Time=No) (Log=Yes) - This allows any attempt that does not match the conditions for the first rule
3 - Allow (Source=Any) (Access = Port: 80(TCP, UDP)) (Destination=Any) (Time=No) (Log=Yes)
4 - Allow (Source=Any) (Access = Port: 443(TCP, UDP)) (Destination=Any) (Time=No) (Log=Yes)
5 - Allow (Source=Any) (Access = Port: 8008-8009(TCP, UDP)) (Destination=Any) (Time=No) (Log=Yes)

It used to be that if I selected the server in NWADMIN, went to Tools > Novell BorderManager, highlighted the Proxy Cache, right-clicked and select Audit Log, gave it a time range, it would display the audit log for all users, both successful attempts and blocked access. Now, I get "No records found."

The proxy is working...pages are being delivered, no problem. But, where I used to find log files when I looked directly in the CACHE volumes, now I do not, and, as mentioned above, the NWADMIN tool does not yield anything. It *was* giving me results by IP address (not useful to me), so I added the second rule to log all the successful attempts, too, but now it doesn't appear to log anything.