Hello all,

I have looked at TID 3338221 regarding removing a crashed server from NDS and the replica ring. I have, thankfully, never had to do this before, so I would like to make sure I do it correctly.

I have an older (ok, very old) server that has finally crashed. It was staying in service because it was our gateway appliance to an terminal based application. It did have a read/write copy of the replica on it. Well, it has now officially died.

From what I have read it is a fairly simple process:

1. DSREPAIR (on Replica Master)- advanced options>Replica options>"Partition">view ring>remove the defunct server

allow this to replicate to all other servers

2. Go into C1 and remove the server and all of its volumes and any other items referencing this server; including licensing

Wait for everything to synchronize and verify that it is all clean.

Does this sound about right?

This server will not be added back into our tree.

Any thoughts or a better document are greatly appreciated.


Steve D.