Hello All,

I migrated my old ZEN box to a new one. The old box was NW65sp7 and the new box was OES2 from the get go. During the migration I copied all the Zen directories to the same directory structure on the new server. I added the necessary OES applications to make the box a true server. Then I took the ZDM 7.0.1 ir3 CD and used it to reinstall ZFD on the new server. Figured I upgrade from ZDM 7.0.1 to ir3 while I had to do the reinstall. Things went well, the install recognized the previous install and did an update. Except I got the follow error twice (reran the install) when doing the update;

RMInv\3rdParty\SybaseNW Components NOT successfully installed on PERCIVALE at :\ZENworks\Database\DBEngine

I'm not sure if this is an actual problem or just the way the software responds when it is doing a update. Can anyone lend a hand in pointing me in the right direction? Can these files be manually copied to the server?

Thanks in advance for the help.