Hello NG

In our environment we have following components running
BM 3.7 SP3
SLP 211a

I have following Problem with Bordermanager.

I created a new NDS user who is not member of each group. In the
Bordermanager Access Rule i permit the user to access to Internet. When I
tried to connect to internet without to be logged in through the nwclient,
the bordermanager Login page was displayed.
I entered the nds name and passwort. Then an error message was displayed
"Login failed Pleas try again". When I defined the user to be member of the
group "everyone" the login through Bordermanager was successful. I checked
permissions and trusties of the "everyone group" but i couldn`t find some
special rights.
I also observed, that when the user isn`t member of the "everyone" group but
he logged in with the nwclient and opened clntrust, then the access to
internet was possible.

I have externals users and they doesn`t need to login into nds. So I want
only, that the external user make an authentication to the Bordermanager for
internet browsing.

How can I solve this problem?

Ramon Lustrati