Hello people,

I am trying to create an access rule for a website www.lngcenter.com.
However, there is some kind of redirection by the hosting company, so simply
allowing the URL does not give access. But if the user has full access, the
site is accessible. Has anyone faced a similar problem yet?

Here is what I have found they are using"

Ascio Web Forwarding Server: An integrated web-forwarding server, which
gives access to several highly useful services. Normal URL forwarding is
particularly useful if the end customer has performed a number of defensive
registrations, but wants all web traffic channelled through a corporate
website. The web forwarding server also provides "cloaked URL" forwarding
also known as aliasing. This feature is particularly useful if the end user
has secured a catchy domain name but needs to use a web host that does not
permit the use of an individual domain.

Please help
Thank you