I'm having a strange issue with the ZCM imaging boot cd.. We use a mix of
Windows and Linux desktops on our network and they all are able to resolve
the .local addresses we use for intranet servers, but ZCM imaging is
unable to. It gets its config by DHCP as do all our desktops, and checked
the resolv.conf and it looks good, but it almost seems like it has some
kind of security thing preventing it from resolving any domain that ends
in .local. It is able to resolve anything that does not end in .local.

We also have a subdomain of our main corp.ca domain hosted by the same DNS
servers, which is only accessible internally and resolves to internal IPs.
The ZCM imaging is able to resolve names from that subdomain, which is not
accessible to the outside, so I have elimiated the possibility that it is
using root or public DNS servers to resolve instead of the internal ones.

Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Could someone else who uses ZCM
imaging test to see whether it can resolve .local names? The way I've been
testing is through pings and through connecting to an imaging server
address that resolves to the same IP in a .local domain and a non-.local
domain. If I create the record in the non-.local domain, it resolves to
the IP and I can ping it. If I create the record in the .local domain, it
sits there for several seconds before timing out the resolution. Again,
the same desktop when booted into Windows or Linux will resolve the dns
record correctly. It is only a problem with the ZCM imaging boot cd.