I can successfully print from my vista business 64bit machine via iPrint to one of my network printers. My issue lies with the authentication being flakey.

If I log into my machine (via novell client), the first thing I'll do is check the password tab of the iPrint settings.. and there I will see an entry for my username I just logged in with. (the last person on the machine was someone different, who logged off - so I know it switched to my credentials upon logging in)

However, if I open notepad, type some garbage, and try to print, an iPrint dialog appears stating: Printer authentication failed. Do you want to try again.

If I go check the password tab again, my creds are gone...
If I click OK to 'try agian', re-enter my novell creds, it works (and, of course, makes an entry, again, in that password tab)

I think I noticed that, when I click OK to try again, the username that is populated in the field already was the user that last logged off the machine.

Anyways, is this a known bug? Any fixes?