We use gms 2.0.4 on a windows server 2003 machine. Our gateway is also
running on a separate machine in a dmz on a windows server 2003 machine.
Groupwise 7.0.2hp is running on netware 6.5 sp7
Suddenly our user synchronization stopped. We get on the mobile phone an
authentication failure. Also on the website it is not possible to
authenticate. In the log I can see the message unknown user id "0". Very
strange error, but what is it?
The secure gateway is functioning ok : data is sent/received.
Everything else seems also ok. No errors. It is not a firewall issue!

Nothing has been changed, only 3 days ago an edirectory update to sp3 was
installed, but afterwards everything worked ok.

Where to start?
We use trusted app for edirectory synchronization (trusted app. is required
for edir sync. I believe)