I asked previously about loading the latest intel 82567lm gigabit network driver onto a bootcd so that I can image my laptops. Some people suggested editing the server pxe files but this did not help me at all because the directions were not easy to follow or I did it wrong. I tried to edit the server pxe information to include the newid="0x8086 0x10F5,e1000e" command but this did not help me.

I am booting to the bootcd now and the kernel version is 2.6.46-0.12, and when i try insmod e1000e i get the invalid module format.

Does anyone have the e1000e network driver compiled for this kernel version so I can get around this error. I tried to compile it locally by copying the files to the bootcd but there is no build in compiler.

If anyone has this driver compiled for this version or a trick to help me out I would really appreciate it.