This is an extension of the "But User IS logged in!" post. I want to elaborate on a few symptoms I'm getting when trying to Remote Control a client's PC.
Review: Using Console One, when I select a user and right-click, the submenu shows "Remote Management". When I click on that I get the famous "1759: The selected user is not logged into any workstation " error.

Here's what I find:
First, when I examine the properties of the allegedly 'not logged in' user, the attribute 'Network Address', under General/Environment, is always empty.
Second, if I look at the Zenworks tab, 'Logged in Workstations' shows multiple entries, noting that the person appears to be logged in to several PCs. But, again, this is bogus information. The person is only logged into one. As for the other PCs listed, that person logged into it or them a long time (a week or even months) ago and has long since logged out.

Here's my questions. 1) How does the attribute 'Network Address' get populated? I don't find it in the registry and a colleague suggested that NDS has, or should have it. Where is it and how does it get into that field?

Next, 2), when the user logs off a PC, shouldn't the entry for that PC in the 'Logged in Workstations' field go away? Or, are their some Persistence parameters in the client that may not be timing out? How does the 'Logged in Workstations' field get cleared?