NW65SP6 on a Dell Poweredge 1650 with a PERC 3/Di RAID Controller

After an extended power outage that drained the UPS the server failed to
boot. RAID controller passes self tests, and initial boot sequence starts.
When the IDEATA.HAM loads there is a pause of about 10 seconds and then it
says OK but the PERC2.HAM immediately displays INIT FAIL and the following

"Unable to save message
Module initialization failed
To the file BOOT$LOG.ERR"

SYS is not mounted and the boot process stops shortly thereafter at a ":"
prompt. No additional clues appear in the BOOT$LOG.ERR file. Module
initialization failed message also displays if the PERC2.HAM is loaded

Server BIOS is up-to-date (A11). PERC Firmware is up-to-date (2.8-1(7692)).
PERC2.HAM is version 2.80 dated 11-1-04 (replaced original with file from
Novell developer site). IDEATA.HAM is version 4.34 dated 5-5-07 (replaced
original with file from Novell developer site).

Replaced PERC 3/Di card with same result.

Any ideas as to what is causing the PERC2.HAM not to load and what I can do
to solve the problem? Is it worth doing an in place upgrade with the
NW65SP6 overlay CDs?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Mark Leach
Network Administrator
Charlottesville City Schools