heres the autoit code for a scripted uninstall of the zenagent.

for those of you who need to remove it automatically, this is the next best thing since silent uninstall doesn't work.

Change next line if your zen agent is install else where.
Run("C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\bin\ZenworksUninstall.exe"," C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\bin")
WinWait("ZENworks Uninstaller","This wizard will gui")
If Not WinActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","This wizard will gui") Then WinActivate("ZENworks Uninstaller","This wizard will gui")
WinWaitActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","This wizard will gui")
ControlClick("ZENworks Uninstaller","","[; INSTANCE:2]","left",1)
If Not WinActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","Remove device from Zone") Then WinActivate("ZENworks Uninstaller","Remove device from Zone")
WinWaitActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","Remove device from Zone")

; change next line <ZenServerAddress> ie "https://svr-zen.yourdomain.local:443"
ControlSetText("ZENworks Uninstaller","Enter connection information ","[; INSTANCE:1]","<ZenServerAddress>")
;change next line <ZenRemoveAccount> to an admin account with remove rights (create a dedicated account)ie, "ZCMRemove"
ControlSetText("ZENworks Uninstaller","Enter connection information ","[; INSTANCE:3]","<ZenRemoveAccount>")
;change next line <ZenAccountPassword> to the password ie, "RemoveZCM"
ControlSetText("ZENworks Uninstaller","Enter connection information ","[; INSTANCE:2]","<ZenAccountPassword>")

ControlClick("ZENworks Uninstaller","Enter connection information ","[; INSTANCE:4]","left",1)

If Not WinActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","Leave Files") Then WinActivate("ZENworks Uninstaller","Leave Files")
WinWaitActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","Leave Files")
ControlClick("ZENworks Uninstaller","Leave Files","[; INSTANCE:1]","left",1)
ControlClick("ZENworks Uninstaller","Leave Files","[; INSTANCE:6]","left",1)
If Not WinActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","ZENworks software uninstall") Then WinActivate("ZENworks Uninstaller","ZENworks software uninstall")
WinWaitActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","ZENworks software uninstall")
ControlClick("ZENworks Uninstaller","ZENworks software uninstall","[; INSTANCE:6]","left",1)
If Not WinActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","To complete the uninstallation") Then WinActivate("ZENworks Uninstaller","To complete the uninstallation")
WinWaitActive("ZENworks Uninstaller","To complete the uninstallation")
ControlClick("ZENworks Uninstaller","To complete the uninstallation","[; INSTANCE:1]","left",1)
ControlClick("ZENworks Uninstaller","To complete the uninstallation","[; INSTANCE:7]","left",1)
This will uninstall the agent, remove it from the zone but not reboot.

download autoit from Autoit Website

look for the "; change next line", there are three of them, change these lines to specify your zen zone, zen admin account and password.

compile the script to an executable and deploy it via Zen. due to the bugs in Zen 10.0.1, I couldn't get it launching with out a user logged in. but once it's ran and the workstation is rebooted, you can then do a discover and deploy from your fresh 10.1 zone or what ever you need to do.