I have a custumer that have had som problems changing Universal
Password from ConsoleOne.
I've followed the TID 3576410.
Removed the NMAS-files from the BIN-directory in C1.And installed the
stuff needed.
Works just fine. Sets the UP correct.
But after installing latest client (4.91 sp4) there is a error when
opening a userobject:

"The procedure entry point NMAS_PutLoginSecret could not be located in
the dynamic link library nmas.dll."

I'll get the message in swedish, somehow, but I think this is the
english message.
Everything seems to work. You can change PW and so on, but it is
annoying that the error comes up everytime you open a user.
The only NMAS.DLL that is on the machine is the one in system32-dir.
I've also tried to install the newest NMAS-client, that have a newer
NMAS.DLL, but same error.

Any ideas?