We have started to use HP6040 / 6030 Mulitfunction devices as the new volume printer.

The majority of our severs run Netware 6, NDPS Broker V 3.0.9, Manager V 3.01i and work fine.

Until we started to use the HP6040. Prints sent to these machine invariable are huge, and take forever to print. A simple 10 page document can take up to ten mins.

I setup a Netware OES NW2 server (SP7) Running Broker V3.0.11, Manager 3.02C. Print sizes dropped dramatically, but the delays dont go away.

Am using the latest HP driver for the printer, and its the only printer causing a problem.

Can anyone advise if they are using this kind of printer on NDPS, and did they have problems, and if so, what did you do to fix it.