Firstly we have several servers. They are all DL380's, all have 6.5 sp7, edir 8.8.1, exact same AUTOEXEC,NCF and all work fine.

I need to install Tomcat and Apache on them all. First server it worked fine, no problems using NWDeployNoBrowser. Then the problems started. Ran NWDeployNoBrowse on another server and it abended, losing a system pronpy. This happened on several other servers. Then it would work on one and abend etc etc. Have tried using the GUI but the same thing occurs. Oh an dtrying to reinstall once the abended server

Anybody experienced this.

And given this issue is it at all possible to manually install Tomcat/Apache by copying the folders created on a server it has installed to and updating anything through consoleone. I think not but it has to be worth an ask.