Finally, the company I work for has given the go ahead to upgrade the rest of the servers (half done) to Netware OES NW2. We currently run Netware 6 (sp5)

Part of this upgrade is a 2 node cluster. Upgrade procedures states that you do one node at a time.

However I want to take the opportunity to give them a full rebuild, and also increase the size of the bootup partition.

Is it possible to remove a node from the cluster, disconnect from the SAN, build it to OES, then reintroduce into the cluster.. move resources over then do the second node? Or do I need to do a proper upgrade so the whole cluster is Netware OES, NCS 1,8 (?) and then do the rebuild afterwards.. in other words can two servers be in a cluster with differing OS.

I would assume doing the one node at a time has almost the same effect.. at some point there has to be two OS's in there.