Hi I am struggling to get Multicasting working with Netware Clusting. Is
anyone else using Multicasting from a Netware Cluster environment...??

So I can get PXE imaging working with Unicasting no problems

I have a three node Netware 6.5 SP7 cluster and ZENworks 7.01 with
latest hotfix's

Now I have tested multi casting in a test environment and that works.
However the test environment is not clustered.

In the Live network we use Cisco switches, however for testing ( because
it was not working) I put node three (from the live cluster) onto a
Dlink Switch from my test environment and placed a workstation on the
same switch as the Node three, however I still can't get the
multicasting to work.

Any thoughts.

From my packet trace, I don't see an error, I see it joining the
session and then nothing...