Both our labs running Office2007 are reporting very random issues with saving files from Office2007, in specific Powerpoint. A look in the users directory shows an empty (zero byte) file of the correct name, and a TMP file of the proper size. Renaming the tmp file to pptx allows the user to open it. The clients are all WinXP SP3 w/491SP4 client, no additional patches to the netware client applied. The user gets an error message of "file is currently in use..." and is unable to save. At this stage it has just been reported to us; I have been unable to reproduce at will. The server does not show any issues. Oplocks & File Cache are both off. Unknown if the File Cache is set to off on the client side. The server runs Vexira A/V and as stated is 6.5 SP7 (installed from overlay cd).