Situation: We are a school in the Netherlands and all off our students
and teachers use BM 3.8 to access internet. The BM server is the only way
for all computers to access the internet (there is no direct way). All
users Autenticate to the BM server and when a student (or teacher ...)
does something that we cannot accept we block them for internet use (we
add a rule to BM). Now I have a problem. We have 3 computers in the
network that doesn't have a Novell client (1 W2003 server and 2 special
PC's) and must access internet. These computers are in a special IP
range. How can I configure BM so that all Novell users authenticate to BM
and that the 3 computers (or the IP range) can access internet without
restrictions or authentication?


Marcel de Jager