We have just enabled a private backup network on the zen server, since this we have had issues with all the zen services defaulting to the backup network.

I've modified on the conf files in ZENworks\conf\preboot to point to the live network address.

When we assign an image bundle to a workstation and reboot it, it fails to get the image, in novell-pbserv.log we can see
10/02/08 12:20:14 -- [RNT] XML is = <ZENworks-Imaging><Type>Restore-ZENworks-Image</Type><File>D:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\work\content-repo\images\SBD\sbdd410.zmg</File><ServerIP></ServerIP><FileSet>1</FileSet></ZENworks-Imaging>

Can someone tell me where this is configured and how to change it to the live address ?