Thanks in advance for your time.

I have been trying to get an older HP ML370 G2 to an updated OS. The upgrade from 6.0 SP2 to 6.0 SP5 went OK but the inplace from 6.0 SP5 to 6.5 SP6 is hanging. The GUI file copy finished and on the reboot the NetWare Installation screen (hdetect) comes up OK, on the Platform Support screen I had to choose MPS14 because of SBD and APCIPWR not getting a a green [ OK ]. Storage adapters coming up OK. But after the choosing Storage Devices SYS (NSS volume) mounts then the other traditional volumes mount. Now the status box says it is Matching Drivers to Hardware Devices . . . Please Wait. At this point the console is unresponsive to new commands but it will switch screens and there are no errors on console or logger. I was single stepping and the last line processed were only 2 double quotes "". So far I have done a pool rebuild on SYS (due to a bogus message in BOOT$LOG.ERR) and changed the CD Rom jumper from CS to Master. I have found several more TIDs to check out 10094155, 10087735, 10089287, 10099424 the next time I am back on site.

1) I would expect the next pop up to be LAN cards/drivers should I rename the LDIs I am not using ? and is this the last config screen in hdetect?
2) Is hdetect the only thing left to run?
3) Is there a way bypass hdetect in this cleanup script?
4) Any other checks or suggestions before I attempt a Down Server Upgrade?