We have a problems accessing one of our newly installed internal servers
that has a webapplication running on port 8081. We are today using a
Bordermanager 3.6SP1A as our Firewall with with filters and access rules.
All our clients (XP SP2 without firewall, Novell client 4.91) has proxy
configured and that no proxy sholud be used for internal addresses. Client
Trust is started through our loginscript.

The consultant that has installed the application has no problems. On the
other hand has he no Novell client and no proxy configured.

When we do a trace from one of our clients we see that communication only
occurs between the client and the BorderManager server. Why, since its a
local server we are accessing it shouldnt involve the BM server or?

We have created an access rule allowing port 8081 on the specific server.

When we shut down the BM server it works or if we use a client without the
Novell client installed it works.

Any idees how we can come round this problem?