I'm trying to produce something which will help users restart the ZENworks Agent and login to ZCM again if the Agent crashes, with as few actions required as possible and without having to logoff/reboot. I've had some intermittent Agent crashes and as we manage all their Start Menu items with ZCM, they get kind of lost when it all dissapears.

It's easy to produce a local shortcut which will restart the ZENworks Agent service, but this doesn't automatically log the user back into ZCM or bring up the Agent Login screen automatically. They would need to double click the service start icon, right click on the ZCM System Tray Icon, select Login and enter credentials. Not hard I know, but even that task will be too much for some users. I want just one icon to double click that would restart the service and bring up the login prompt.

Are there any switches for the ZenNotifyIcon which provides the System Tray icon that I can call to bring up the Login prompt automtically? It would be great if the Agent reauthenticated itself with the initial login credentials automatically, meaning I wouldn't need them to re-login, but I guess that would be a security nightmare.

Any help appreciated.