Sorry about previous message!!

BorderManager 3.7 patch 2
Novell 5.1 patch 8
GroupWise 6.5.4

I have a member of staff with a Nokia 9133 and he can send emails via
GPRS using Vodafone's outward server. He cannot retrieve mail from
GroupWise ie he cannot access our server.

I have members of staff using Blackberry devices on push pull with
Groupwise and they access GWIA by Pop3. The Nolia is set for POP3 but
still no connection

I recall opening up a port for the BlackBerry users as well as opening up
a port for WebAccess Mail users.

Any suggestions - or should I call Nokia. The service provider for the
Nokia is Vodafone and so far they do not know.

regards and thanks in advance

Bernard Mocatta