I am looking to enable http authentication on our BM server (version 3.5
running on a Novell 6.5 machine. I have aproximatly 500 user logging on
around the same time every morning. First thing I did is add the
following to all my scripts:

@ \\vsvr-vol7\vol7\nalapps\clntrust\dwntrust.exe
@ \\vsvr-vol7\vol7\nalapps\clntrust\clntrust.exe

Note: the executables are located on a different server the the BM server.

I let this run for about a week to make sure I didn't have any issues
with the actual client trust piece itself. Everybody got the little key
in their sys tray just fine.... no issues.... evrything ran fast

So, I went to enable http authentication, and it does work, but the
logon script now sits for 60 to 120 seconds trying to run the
dwntrust.exe, and then 10 to 30 seconds running the clntrust.exe This
only happens when a computer is first booted up and logged on to. After
that first initial log on, any user that logons on that same machine has
the script run fast like normal. Reboot the computer, and the slow logon
happens again for the first time.

I immediately turned off http authentication figuring that is what was
helping contribute to the problem. But I still got the same results
after turn it off. The only other piece to the puzzle is just before I
enable http authentication I had rebooted all my Novell servers, just
an "every couple of month" reset, just to make sure I don't get any
surprise memory leaks shutting me down in the middle of the day.

Now I have noticed that towards the end of the day now I am not having
this issue but haven't done much testing with. HTTP authentication is
still off. Also note all my clients are connected via 100mb ethernet to
a gigabit backbone, so I am guessing it is not a network issue especial
since everything was working fine before I enable the authentication
onthe server. Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!