We currently have a "mostly" NetWare 6.0 environment and the DNS/DHCP locator objects were installed way back in the day when we migrated to this new tree. We have never done our own DNS, only DHCP.

Each OU has it's own DHCP server holding the objects for the corresponding subnets.

I am now wanting to setup my first DNS server (yay, we're finally growing up to be an IT "big boy"!) and before I do that, I'd like to get the locator objects where I think they should be and not where they were first installed.

I've seen the TIDs (primarily 10061077) and just want to confirm that these stems can be followed to the letter and get me what I want. I want to move the objects that all servers rely on to a different OU, yet not affect any of our existing DHCP objects that are scattered all over the place.

Once I have that done, is there a TID or forum post that someone could recommend as the "newbie" checklist to follow when setting up DNS for the first time? Our DNS server will be NetWare 6.5.7 and running in VMware.