September's League Table for 'NCCI'

212 Mark Mecord
1202 Kim Groneman
1553 Adam Gabriel
2293 Michael Cuthbertson
Unranked Simon Flood
Unranked Marry Wood
Hi Kim Groneman,

You came 1,202nd (out of 2,547) in September's contest.

Don't forget you're a member of at least one league, simply log
in to see your league's results. Your answers were:

Q1 Name a popular month for birthdays.
DECEMBER [10th, 'JUNE' was top]

Q2 Name something that might be found in your pockets.
TISSUE [6th, 'MONEY' was top]

Q3 Name a large number [in digits].
1000 [2nd, '1000000' was top]

Q4 Name a single-character mathematical symbol found on a keyboard.
+ [1st]

Q5 Name a fruit you might pick from your own garden.
TOMATO [2nd, 'APPLE' was top]

Q6 Name the number of books an average person reads in a year.
10 [1st]

Q7 Name a subject studied at school [excluding Mathematics and English].
HISTORY [2nd, 'SCIENCE' was top]

Q8 Name something with a hole.

Q9 Name the number of puppies born in a single litter.
4 [3rd, '5' was top]

Q10 Name something purchased ready to start a new school year/semester/term.
CLOTHES [7th, 'NOTE BOOK' was top]

The number in brackets shows the position of your answer,
e.g. 2nd means your answer was the second most popular.