Is there a way to stop a bundle from caching itself to the workstation it's being deployed to?

Basically, i want to deploy Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, and the only way to install it correctly is by running the Setup.exe. So i've got the bundle to copy all the install files to C:\TempInstall, and then run Setup.exe from there. The total of install files is about 480MB.

But obviously when the bundle is deployed, it caches it first (480MB), then copies from the cache to the C:\TempInstall (another 480MB). So thats close to a gig of data before it's even installed it.

In our environment, it's not really possible to have a central network storage source to install from as we have majorly slow links to sites, so we have Content-Distribution points setup at these sites.

Is this possible at all? Or do all bundles cache themselves by design?