I am using the RDP client to remote work on the XP box in my client
office. XP is behind Novell BM 3.6. BM ACL's allow me to remote connect
from my office (which has fixed IP) to the client office. This is because
I entered my office IP into BM ACL's. This is working fine.
I would also like to have remote connection to the client office from my
home. Unfortunately I do not have fixed IP at home. Instead I am
registered in www.ipupdater.com which allows world to find my current IP
by entering my home DNS name. I added my home box DNS name to the BM
ACL's, but connection from home is refused. I have checked whether BM
machine correctly resolves my current home IP. I tried ping
<my.DNS.home.machine> and it resolves to the correct (current) IP.
Any ideas ?