The ZCM agent V10.1 will not log in to the server.
It has worked one time efter I had uninstalled the Agent and the novell Client a few times (at that time the user assiciated bundels showed up).

Part of zenlgn.log file:
ZENLGN [A5C-3E0] [07:29:43:078] Returned from ZENIsServerAvavilable
ZENLGN [A5C-3E0] [07:29:43:078] Could not find any available servers

Server is ZCM V10.1 (updated from ... intial 10.0.1)
Clients have Novell client V4.91 SP4 and ZCM agent V10.1
User source in ZCM is green.

Someone that has any idea of what the problem might be ?