This is more of a SLES question, but it does pertain to OES as well.

I've setup boot from SAN as per Novell's docs.

I made sure to use the scsi/disk/by-id naming

Unfortunately we did a firmware upgrade on our Xiotech SAN and it seems
to have caused the ID's to change.

So if you look at


You don't see the scsi-whatever that USED to be there.

They're now:


So the question I have is:

How/what is the BEST method to use to prevent this in the future?

I'm told to NOT use /dev/sdx
as that may change if you add LUN's depending on how the OS scans and
finds the items on the SCSI bus, so I used the disk/by-id per Novell's
suggestion (as that's not supposed to change).

But apparently it CAN and does change.

Also, this isn't unique to SLES, as our Solaris servers are having the
same issue (unless you use Veritas Volume Manager in which case it just
magically finds/fixes things).