I'm trying to restore the data from a FS backup (on a dedicated IDE HD
volume (SRVRBACK) on the same server) using Arcserve r11.1 sp1. To make a
long story short, I'm restoring to a clean server and have patched the
server and Arcserve to the same level as during the backup.

The drive holding the backup data shows 40 GB of data, dated properly, in
approx. 4 GB subdirectories containing one NW000000x.arc file each) but when
I try to scan or merge, or try to restore by backup device, I get a "E1058"
error, which indicates there is no data on the device. Arcserve reported the
backup was okay, and I've restored individual files in the past (before the
crash), so I'm at a loss why Arcserve can't "see" the file system device

I suspect I may have a device group problem (the drive and backup directory
are right, but the device pool name may be incorrect), but Arcserve does see
the device, which makes me think I should be able to at least restore by
backup device.

If anyone can shed some light on this problem, it would be greatly

Also, is there a detailed "how to restore a complete server using Arcserve"
document anyone is aware of?

Thanks in advance,
RF Nelson