I need a couple of apps for my Mac, and I know that there are quite a few
good options out there.

In the past I've used Adobe Framemaker for writing books (I have an old
version - 7) and I actually purchased InDesign at one point (although now I
can't find the info on it, so no idea if I could upgrade it). InDesign
didn't have TOC ability at that point, and I went back to Framemaker. I
also have the Macromedia Studio MX from 2004 that has ColdFusion,
Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. Of those I use Dreamweaver the most.

So, if I wanted to get Framemaker/InDesign and Dreamweaver functionality on
my Mac, I could just get the Mac versions of these products. But is there
something different that I should be looking at? Are there Apple products
that would be just as good, etc.? Oh - I had a copy of Illustrator
somewhere too, but again, I don't even know if I could upgrade it. I also
have Acrobat 7 (the full version) - all of these are Windows licenses of
course, and I don't know if Adobe would "transfer" the OS for me.