Hi, running NW65SP7 fully patched. There are 6 sites connected via VPN WAN,
I have SLPDA running at 2 sites which all of the sites can contact. I have
DHCP option #78 handed out to the client PC's referring to these 2 servers
running the SLPDA's for the 4 non-SLPDA sites, and for the 2 SLPDA sites I
just list their own DA in option #78.

Each of the servers at the 4 non-SLPDA sites has the 2 DA's listed in their
SLP.CFG file.

For the 2 SLPDA servers, I have only the other DA listed in the SLP.CFG

There are 2 issues I'm noticing. One is that the login is sometimes very
slow (OK performance after that though). The other is that if the Internet
connection is down for whatever reason at the 4 non-SLPDA sites, that the
users at that site who have turned on their PC's while the connection was
down, can't login to their own server.

Do I need to have an SLPDA running at each geographic location? If so, do I
have to list each of the other DA's in each servers SLP.CFG file, or do I
just list the 2 DA's I have today at the other 4 sites?