First Attempt
I installed OES2 accoring to the Novell Lab Guide in the documentation.

All was fine until I came to the updates. It told me that updates had been made and then reloaded the update screen after a message telling me that the update had failed and do I want to retry. I said YES and then it installed some more patches and then reload the screen and went straight to the CA Certificate.

I continued and all went well until I came to the part where I had to make updates after the install had finished. I clicked Accept and it installed some more updates, then it came back and this time all the updates (except for ONE of the optional (Black) ones) checked. I accepted this and got TWO message boxes telling me that the kernel was being updated and I should reboot and a message about Smart cards. After rebooting, I got errors all over the place about /usr/lib/bigsmp missing. I couldn't connect to anything and the box was trashed. So I started again

Second Attempt
This time when the updates during the install came up, I accepted the first batch and then after I got the message it had failed, I checked ALL the Critical and all the Recommended updates.

This time I got the same two warnings that the kernel was being updated, plus the same Smartcard warning and after the reboot, I got a GRUB Error 15.

I thought that this was me, so I decided to try for a third time.

Third Attempt
This time, I did the same as I did for the FIRST attempt, but this time after the installation, when I came to do the updates for a second time, it had selected all the Red and Blue ones and one of the Black ones, so I deselected all the Blue and Black ones and this time I just updated the Critical ones.

I thought I had fixed it, but now when I came to create the NSS Pool I got an error
Error: File Protocol Error occurred: cannot open the NSS version file on the selected server: The NSS software may not currently be running on this server

I carried on and installed all the Recommended patches. - Same NSS Error. I installed all the Black patches (except the move-to-sles10-sp2 - I read about that!) but no change. I tried re-installing NSS - no difference. I then decided to try to update the iManager plug-ins. I followed the instructions and selected all. It install 11 and then died. After 24 hours, I gave up, rebooted the server and tried again. This time it said there were 74 plugins to install. I left it overnight - It installed ONE. I then tried one at a time and that failed as well.

I just couldn't bring myself to believe that Novell could release such a pile of s**t, so I decided to have another go.

Fourth Attempt.
This time I tried installing by using the red circle with the ! in it after I had installed the system (i.e the second tome I had to do updates). This time it trashed the system totally can came up with screens full of gibberish

Fifth Attempt
I tried installing ALL the patches during install (except the move-to-sles10-sp2). I got GRUB Error 15 on reboot, fixed this according to TWO TIDS I found and then the /usr/lib/bigsmp files were missing again.

I just can't believe that Novell can release this C**P.

Will someone elucidate me as to what is going on?

If anyone even DARES to suggest that I didn't install Storage Services I shall SCREAM. I installed the EXACT products in the Lab Guide
Novell Documentation

Believe me I was EXTRA careful to make sure I hadn't boobed.