I have plugged a laptop in via an ethernet cable into a Novell network.
BorderManager is used. When I try and go on the internet I get the error
> Status: 403 Forbidden
> Description: Access has been denied because you are not logged in!
> Note: If neccessary, please contact your systems administrator for a
> resolution.

Now, the laptop in question does NOT have the Novell Cilent installed
and would prefer not to do so but would still like to get internet
access on the laptop. On machines that do have Novell installed inside
the building I have an account I can login with so if I need to I can
login using that.

It is not possible for me to get access to the machine with
BorderManager installed so that is not an option.

Any ideas on a way I can get acccess to the internet on the laptop
taking into account the above?

Best Regards,
Craig Brass