I'm having a problem with an evaluation version of Linkwall using
Blacklists. Linkwall is working properly. But the blacklist categories
are working too well. I modified my linkwall.lst file (below) to
include the location of the categories I want to filter. The categories
also show-up in my NMB access rule under third-party filters. However
the access rule filters on ALL of the categories listed whether they are
checked or not. I'd like to have different access rules with different
categories selected but cannot see how to do this.

I've sent an email to Connectotel support but so far have not received a

Any thoughts?

Here's the linkwall.lst file:


$include sys:\blacklists\adult\domains adult-domains
$include sys:\blacklists\adult\urls adult-urls

$include sys:\blacklists\mail\domains mail-domains
$include sys:\blacklists\mail\urls mail-urls

$include sys:\blacklists\porn\domains porn-domanis
$include sys:\blacklists\porn\urls porn-urls

$exclude exclude.lst