We have 2 BM servers on nw6.5sp3, bm version 3.8sp3 installed + surfcontrol
for BM.

Since last week we have on both server the following problem:

After a reboot, acl check does not read the access rules from nds.
Every user receives a 403 forbidden error.

When I disable enforce access rules it works without rules.

I have 3 rules where I put url's that are permitted for every user. There
are +/_ 200 url's.

When I delete those 3 lines, and restart the server aclcheck.nlm says that
the rules are read from nds.
When I put back those rules and save or refresh the server, aclcheck
continues reading the rules from nds.
However after a reboot, the rules aren't read anymore.

Now i have put 1 url on 1 rule and It seemed to work, but again after a
reboot the rules aren't read anymore.

Does I reach the maximum number of rules ?

any ideas?

Thanks, Jacques