Hi all,

When we use a 'run script'-action, on several machines it always fails. Although ZENworks seems to think it's only a warning, the action does not run.
We receive the following error in the eventviewer and in the ZENworks Message log.

[ WARN] [10/06/2008 14:13:52.839] [420] [ZenworksWindowsService] [30] [Kon] [StandaloneHandler] [ActionMan.SetFileRightsException] [There was an error setting file rights for C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\0ca1b874-8e5e-4c92-8b33-92e288ebabfe\10b1011310c4407ab825a949f0ee70d0-Install_Personal_certificate-294464Input.xml on The given key was not present in the dictionary..] [] []

We are using ZEN 10.1 with Active Directory on Windows XP.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? Has anyone got an idea how this can be solved?
It is not a general problem because it does not happen on every machine...

Thanks in advance!