Hello Everyone,

I have been trying for almost 4 weeks to get answers to questions our Oracle DBA's have on the database for ZCM Enterprise. I started a low priority incident and I'm still unable to get questions answered in a timely fashion. The DBA's will not create any databases for us until they have their questions resolved, so in desperation I'm hoping someone here can provide some answers. Here are the questions copied from our DBA's email back to support, the questions are referencing an Oracle back end.

1. Will the CHARACTER SET of the database and NATIONAL CHARACTER SET of the database BOTH have to be UTF8 or just ONE? If just one has to be, which one will it be?

2. Are the database name, database user name, and corresponding tablespace name(s) coded in the application or can we name the database, database user, and tablespace(s) anyway we want?

3. Any suggestions on the size of the database one year after it's put into production? (1600 workstations)

Thanks for any help you can provide.