We have a problem witch GMS 2.0.3 under Linux.

For one users all mails are not synchronzie.

I have try tu reset account and after I have this...

Personal Folders
Contacts (807 records, version 2, 0x819b9581c396e3dfe19bf4c7a163478f, sfs 0)
Notes (0 records, version -1, 0xb1fcfe84ca756cb83b6229590183431a, sfs 0)
Calendrier (279 records, version 2, 0xa6999885c638e26757c2a8910fed4be8, sfs 0)
Tches (0 records, version -1, 0x81e3da7489bc2f02d9603c39e964472a, sfs 0)
Favoris (0 records, version -1, 0x8099e36b41854ef2b558ed38b032493c, sfs 0)
Rception (0 records, version -1, 0x889eadd6ebbf24f4388720de65a64eae, sfs 0)
Bote d'envoi (0 records, version 1, 0x9db91acd9cfe64eb888d0e3323784989, sfs 0)
Envoys (0 records, version -1, 0xbc52c0485c94b7e1f4ceb577601b4f7a, sfs 0)
lments supprims (0 records, version -1, 0xb2eb013d83df419d69d45fbd222942ea, sfs 0)
Brouillons (0 records, version -1, 0x9fe70f84cd98ae0791945ffbd2194c13, sfs 0)

If I delete this account I have the same things.. No messages are synchronized.

I have read the POA log and I have an error at many time:

09:04:30 A56 Error Writing Error response packet. [EA01]

I don't know what can I do... I don't find any document for this error..

Somebody can help me ?