Have Netware 6.5 server that has Smart Array 5300 controller with Array A & B Raid 5 config. Array A has 5 18.2 GB drives with 1 spare, Array B has 6 72.8 GB drives. One of the drive in B has gone bad, I replaced it and it stays in queue state. Ran HP ADU report and it shows that another drive has errors which is causing the array not to rebuild. I was told that I need to delete, recreate the array and restore from backup, but when looking at ArrayB I see it contains part of my SYS volume. I'm assuming if I delete this array I won't be able to create and restore? Is there a way to expand Array A and make that the SYS volume so I then could delete and restore the B Array? I haven't had to this process yet and any help would be greatly appreicated.