I running BM3.7fp4e on a NW SB 5.1sp7. We are using the proxy, no
transparent proxy, with everyone's browser pointing to the BM proxy address.
I currently have a url access rule that allows everyone to go to any website
but I need to unfortuneatly tighten web browsing. When I put a url deny
rule in, it stops us from going to all https websites as well. When I try
to login to a https website, I get malformed BM 3.7 http error, with no
error number, just a Status: <font color="black" fa. I've tried a port rule
and a url rule allowing port 443, but I can't get it to work. Do I have to
put in a destination for every https website that we use? I have even tried
certain destination https websites that we use, still no luck. Thanks in
advance for any help.