We have a VERY remote site setup, and have our central ZCM server in our data center, with Windows XP workstations at remotes sites going to act as Content Distribution Points.

We are currently running (can't goto 10.1 yet) and i'm having some issues with the replication of the content from the server.

I have setup a PC on my desk to be a Content Distribution Point, and eventually (after a few refreshs etc) it started receiving some content (I was watching the C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\work\content-repo\content directory) It started receiving fine, and according to the ZCM agent on the PC it had synchronized 50 of 381 files (15.1%) 652.17MB. Then stopped. Nothing else came down.

I restarted the PC, refreshed the ZCM agent etc, but nothing more. I have noticed that now when i look in the ZCM properties window its says "50 of 50 files synchronized (100%).

So my question is?, Why did it stop? Does it think it's got everything? I checked the ZMD-messages.log, but couldn't see anything obvious.
Does anyone else use content distribution points? Any issues?