Hello again: I work for a group of docs and we run a BM38 server
(sp4). Recently hospitals here have begun to implement a chart review
system which uses a citrix server/client setup.

I have dealt with ctric issues in the past and we currently hook up to
a citrix server for a different task. However, one hostipal's system
requires a client-side proxy application (it is called Remote
Management Agent) that starts up when you login to thier web site.
This agent then becomes a local proxy for port 80 and 443 traffic (they
do not use standard citrix ports) and fights with our BM proxy server.

I think I have confirmed it to be a rule/filter problem (both most
likely). Turned both filtering and rules off and it works, turn either
one back on and it fails.

Can you help me out here?

Hope my description make some sense. I would sure appreciate some

Thanks, Chris.