I have just recently noticed that at least two of my customers appear to be
having a ConsoleOne problem.

When I launch ConsoleOne (version 1.3.6c) on their respective servers
(NetWare 6.0 SP 5, Netware 6.5 SP 6), I select the server object, I Click on
Partition Disk Management....

There are no:
1. Devices
2. RAID Devices
3. Free Space
4. Partitions
5. NSS Pools
6. NSS Logical Volume
7. Traditional Volumes

It appears as though neither server has any hard drives or controllers.
Both servers are Dell PowerEdge servers (different models). The NetWare 6.0
server has a built-in SCSI controller and I am using NetWare's Drive
mirroring. The NetWare 6.5 server has a Dell RAID controller and I am using
RAID level 5.

Both servers are full operational. I have not made any modifications to the
storage system on either server since initial install of NetWare. The only
thing that has changed is the ConsoleOne. I made a "default" console one
including all the plugins that all my customers need and copied that to each
customers' servers.

I am wondering if there may be an easily replaceable piece of ConsoleOne
that is preventing me from seeing my storage devices and pools.


Anthony Campbell