I have three 6.5 servers. One of them cannot be accessed by someone using
the Microsoft client. If I log in using the Novel Netware client (version, I get my mapped drive, but not if that person logs in
using the Windows XP supplied Netware client. It's a long story but I can't
install the Novel Netware version on that machine.

Basically, there are three servers, server1, server2 and server3

Each server gives mapped drives from the log in script. the first two
servers give the mapped drives, but a drive (N) being mapped to a drive on
server 3 refuses to map. The reason for this is obvious as I can't browse to
the server either, but the reason why I can't do that is not so obvious! As
I have said, using a different machinbe and using that persons log in
credentials and the log in works for server 3 (drive N).

Any ideas?